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Fire departments in southeast Michigan and Regional Training Academies have begun a cooperative program to test candidates interested in becoming firefighters. Two types of tests are required: a written test and a physical ability test. The written test, generally called a reading and writing test, examines a candidate’s ability to learn and successfully perform the job of a firefighter. The physical ability test examines whether a candidate possesses the physical attributes required to be a firefighter.

Candidates for entry level firefighter positions must complete these tests given at Regional Training Academies. Once completed with a passing grade, you are eligible to be considered for hire in any interested, participating department. There may be additional tests in the hiring process administered by the interested departments. These additional tests include, but are not limited to, oral interviews, background investigations, drug tests, psychological and physical examinations.

Your test score, name, address, email address and a brief profile that you complete will be available to every participating fire department in the state that you select. Therefore, with one process, you can automatically apply to numerous fire departments.

Additional information about this system and list of fire departments participating in the system can be found by clicking on the menu choices on the left.

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