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Assessment Centers for Municipal Positions

An assessment center is a testing process used to determine generic management skills and abilities. Assessment centers have been proven most successful in predicting whether a candidate will succeed in the new management position.

The assessment process begins with a job analysis to determine the requirements of the job. The analysis defines the critical skills required by the job itself. Then, exercises are developed that will allow a candidate to display the skills they possess, or do not possess, as measured against the requirements of the specific job being examined.

Job-related knowledge, skills and abilities are observed and evaluated by trained observers, called assessors, who have extensive experience in the job discipline involved and no prior prejudicial knowledge of the candidates. Candidates are observed through a series of exercises that are designed to resemble actual job situations. They are then assessed (scored) following the Guidelines and Ethical Consideration for Assessment Center Operations issued in 2004 by the eighteenth International Congress on Assessment Center Methods.

Assessment centers are frequently, but not always, used in conjunction with other testing techniques such as written examinations.

What are the Advantages of an Assessment Center?

What Knowledge, Skills and Abilities are Measured with an Assessment Center?
The most common use of assessment centers is to fill managerial positions. They are, therefore, designed to measure the knowledge, skills and abilities critical to successful performance in such jobs. These include over 20 behavioral attributes such as: oral and written communication, problem solving, decision-making, judgment, planning, etc.

Who are the Assessors?
The assessors are individuals with extensive experience and/or familiarity with the job being filled and who have been trained to objectively observe and evaluate candidate behavior. Three individual assessors make independent observations on each candidate’s behavior as the candidate performs each exercise. A compilation of the individual observations leads to a unanimous consensus rating on each candidate.

What are Typical Exercises?

An assessment center's cost varies depending on the number of candidates being assessed. Initial cost is usually higher than other selection techniques, but the results are far more accurate, thus saving potentially higher costs associated with filling the position with someone not sufficiently competent to handle it.

What is Involved in Conducting an Assessment Center?
Although it varies, an assessment center generally involves the following process: