Promotional Candidates:
Exams for Municipal Positions

Written Exams
Promotional Exams for municipal positions are developed for each department based on a job analysis completed by the department. All questions are written by subject matter experts. The exam will be comprised of questions on areas necessary to perform the job.

To view sample questions, click here*

*The sample exams are in Adobe PDF format, if you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you download the free reader, click here.

Oral Boards
All candidates participating in an Oral Board through Empco will receive an information sheet through the department. This sheet will provide candidates with information on how to prepare for the oral board. All candidates will be evaluated by subject matter experts that are trained by Empco.

Assessment Centers
All candidates participating in an Assessment Center through Empco will be invited to an orientation session. During the orientation session you will receive information on how to prepare and what to expect during the assessment center. Individual departments will provide candidates with the information about when and where the orientation will be held.